Here’s what people are saying about Lauren:


“I feel like one whole session with Lauren is equivalent to a whole school day.  Thanks Lauren!” — L.L., student


“Throughout kindergarten, I noticed that my naturally confident daughter was starting to worry about math.  She loved doing her reading and writing homework, but would fret over a page of math. This summer she started tutoring with Lauren. My hope was that extra one-on-one attention from a non-parent would build her confidence.  I am so happy with the outcome!  My daughter loves going to tutoring with Lauren each week. I asked her why. She said, ‘now I can figure out ANY math problem.’  Lauren’s approach is gentle, fun and makes my daughter feel successful!  With this new found math confidence, she’s ready to take on first grade.” — J.R., parent


“Lauren was able to bring my son up several reading levels in only a few months this summer.  My son came bounding down the stairs at her house after every session enthusiastic to complete his homework and always looked forward to the next session.  Lauren’s tutoring instilled much needed confidence in my son that enabled him to launch a successful school year.  Lauren came highly recommended from my son’s school, and I couldn’t have made a wiser choice. It’s been worth every dime and we will continue through the next summer. ”  — M.B., parent


“Lauren loves kids and she loves teaching.  She is a dedicated educator with the skills and experience to help children reach their capacity.  Lauren takes the time to get to know students so her teaching can be engaging and effective.”  — S.P., colleague