Home School Families

homeschoolOver the years, I have had the privilege of working with a number of home school and no school families who sometimes relate to this photo.


Why would a home school family look for a tutor, you may ask.  There are a number of reasons home school families come to Lauren for support.  As a certified teacher, Lauren has been trained to not just get kids learning but get kids thinking.  Sometimes home school parents find their child needs a deeper connection to their learning that can be best fostered in a one-on-one setting with a private instructor.


In addition, some kids start to resist learning from a parent as they get more independent in their studies.  At the same time, children still need to be taught.  This is where Lauren comes in.  Home school parents still get the benefit of having their child learn in a creative and unique environment, and sometimes the learning flows a little easier because the parent takes a back seat.


While most families choose to schedule one-on-one sessions, Lauren does occasionally offer small group instruction.  This can be especially powerful for two or three friends who are at similar levels.


Feel free to call with any questions!  Lauren can be reached at 425-761-6886.




photo credit: Crystal & Co.