Check out these exciting class offerings from Lauren & Step It Up Tutoring!




Lauren isn’t currently running any group classes. However, if you are interested in any of these possibilities and have a group of 3 or more, let’s chat!





CAREGIVER AND ME SPANISH CLASS – not currently offered

You know that now is the perfect time for your little one to be exposed to a second (or third!) language, and you want your child’s world to be as big as it possibly can!  Why not make that happen by learning Spanish together?

The Caregiver and Me Spanish Class runs six weeks and is for children 0-5 and their mom, dad, nanny, grandparent, etc. We learn basic Spanish through games, songs, and other hands on activities.  Highly engaging and perfect for beginners!

Classes will be held in my Renton home. Cost is $60 for 6 weeks for one child, $90 for two children from the same family.  Email me at [email protected] for registration details.  Call 425-761-6886 for more information or with any questions!


READERS’ THEATER WORKSHOP – not currently offered

Who doesn’t love performing?

Readers’ Theater is a fun, creative, and interactive form of theater.  This workshop will introduce students to the concept of Readers’ Theater and give the opportunity to participate in a group writing of a piece to be performed at the end of the 6-week series.  The social and collaborative nature of this class make it a sure win for your child!



Is your child ready for adventure?

Math is fun, and this class is designed to maximize the fun!  Students will be exposed to a number of math concepts through open-ended explorations.  Activities will be designed based on participants’ skill level.  Picture hands-on materials, partnerships or small groups, choice over activities, math games for extra engagement, and problem-solving opportunities galore.  This is a terrific opportunity to offer your child summer enrichment in a low-pressure environment.