Home School at the Airport

A few years ago I tried to take my kids on a light rail adventure, but, for whatever reason, we ended up at the airport instead. Little did I know how fun a field trip to the airport could be – even when you aren’t flying! First off, it’s a big, noisy space that is […]

Back-To-School Anxiety

I’m pretty sure I cried on the first day of school every year.  As a kid and a teacher!  I know I had butterflies in my stomach, and some years I even threw up.  Don’t get me wrong:  I loved school.  As a kid and a teacher!  Shopping for school supplies was (and is) one […]

The Art of Choosing a Book

How does it work in your family when you go to the library or a book store?  Is your child able to pick out books that are appropriate for his or her reading level?  Do you pick out books for your child?  Choosing books is a difficult skill to learn!  There are so many books […]

Shapes, Lines, and Patterns

The second session of Adventures in Math Explorations was a blast!  We had a lot of fun with shapes, lines, and patterns. The activities included studying the work of Mondrian and creating a piece using the same geometrical features.  One student loved Mondrian’s use of parallel and perpendicular lines.  I was a sucker for color […]

Domino Math

One of the best and easiest strategies for making math fun is to turn it into a game.  And no game is better than dominoes!  I just got a new set of dominoes at Goodwill – this set goes up to double 12s.  Look out!  The bright colored dots are super exciting and the clack […]

Readers’ Theater Workshop Performance

I’m a little behind on getting these photos up due to some technical difficulties with my computer, but, nevertheless, here they are!   We had a wonderful performance of “The Tiger’s New Karate Move” co-written by James, Ryder, and Griffen.  We performed the piece four times so each student got to play each part.  They […]

Learning to Focus

Focus.  It’s coming up a lot lately with the parents and teachers of the students I tutor.  He’s having a hard time focusing.  She can’t focus.  He needs to work on focus. How exactly do you talk to young children about focus?  What is it and how do we do it?  For the past month, […]

Choosing Books for Reading at Home

Research shows that kids who read at home are better off.  Simple, right?  It is simple!  Kids should read at home every day.  Kids should read to themselves (little ones can look at picture books), parents should read to kids, kids should read to parents, kids should read to each other.  I suggest that kindergarteners […]

How do you know when your child is ready for tutoring? Seattle Succeeds Tutoring #1

It can be difficult to determine when school is not enough.  Interestingly, kids who need support and kids who need challenge often show the same signs.  A student’s attitude about school offers lots of insight.  If your child complains about being bored or is resistant to doing classwork or home work, he or she may […]