Back-To-School Anxiety

I’m pretty sure I cried on the first day of school every year.  As a kid and a teacher!  I know I had butterflies in my stomach, and some years I even threw up.  Don’t get me wrong:  I loved school.  As a kid and a teacher!  Shopping for school supplies was (and is) one of my favorite activities.  I relished the opportunity to see friends again and dive back into a normal schedule.

But it was always new.

New teacher, new classmates, maybe a new school.  As an adult I heard someone say that good stress is stress too.  This resonates with my first-day-of-school experiences.  Even though I was excited to start back up again, it was still a stressful experience.  Often my anxiety would melt away if a good friend was in my same class or my teacher seemed nice.  But if things didn’t go as I’d hoped (on my first day of 6th grade in a new town I got seated in a desk on the “boy” side of the room), I might fuss and fret for days.

So parents take heart:  if your kiddo comes home from day 1 with wet cheeks offer a hug and an extra special snack and let them know that good stress is stress too.